OEM order process

The industry's first IDM (Innovative Design Manufacturing) is the IDM customized service. In the early stage of negotiating with you, we will tailor unique products for you to make your products more advantageous and competitive. Baining Tengneng Biotechnology not only masters the production and manufacturing of key raw materials, but also has complete production equipment, and can flexibly adjust the production capacity to meet your needs at any time.


Introduction of Cosmetic Dosage Forms (General Cosmetics & Medicated Cosmetics)

Liquid: lotion, makeup remover Original solution: various original solutions Essence/Essence Milk: High Essence, Refreshing, Moisturizing Emulsion: Refreshing, Moisturizing, Sunscreen Cream category: day cream, night cream, water cream, BB cream, isolation cream, sunscreen Others: Cleansing mousse, automatic color correction cream, acne removal film