Corporate History

  • 2023


  • 2022


  • 2022

  • 2021


  • 2020

    1. Obtained the international TAF laboratory (ISO 17025) certification again
    2. Obtain HALAL certification from Islamic countries

  • 2020

    TOP MEDICAL BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. was established

  • 2019

    1. The water-soluble multi-coated organic particle technology has obtained a new patent in mainland China
    2. Obtained food ISO 22000, ISO9001, HACCP international certification again
    3. Obtained ISO 22716 international certification for cosmetics again

  • 2019

    Invested in Shanxi Datong Wangyou Farm Yellow Peanut Technology Sightseeing Factory to set up a factory

  • 2016

    Established: Inspection Laboratory
    - TAF Accredited Laboratory Accreditation Number: 3221
    - Obtained the international TAF certification experiment qualification

    PA17 Hanrun Whitening series has obtained the approval document for the import of specia

  • 2014

    Launched the beauty care brand PA17
    Launched the health food brand PREMED

  • 2012

    Obtained: GMP certification double certification
    - Taiwan Cosmetics Factory GMP
    - Taiwan food factory GMP

    Participate in government research projects:
    - Small Business Innovation R&D Program (SBIR): Modular product development and functional verif

  • 2011

    Established Beneficial Microbes Museum & Tourism Factory
    - 2017 Lonely Planet report
    - 2019 No. 1 among Taiwan's Top Ten Most Popular Sightseeing Factories
    - Awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs Tourist Factory Certification
    - Assisting the Servic

  • 2010

    Established Yilan Plant of BIONIN BIOTECHNOLOGY, INC.

  • 2009

    Obtained ISO22000, ISO9001 certificate and HACCP certificate

  • 2008

    Obtained: US FDA certificate
    Invented a patented biochemical process that uses probiotics to decompose pearl and shell mother-of-pearl layer substances and bio-adsorption and metabolites to chelate minerals and trace elements

  • 2007

    Microbial patented process using probiotics to biosorb and metabolite chelate minerals and trace elements
    Invented a microbial process for simultaneous production of probiotics and isoflavone metabolites EQUOL and O-DMA

  • 2006

    - 發明真菌類植物有意成分酵素釋放之生物專利制程
    - 發明微藻類植物雜菌抑制異味消除及有益成分裝微生物專利制程
    - 發明含人參皂甘植物造幹拜謝之微生物專利制程