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Innovative Design Manufacturing

Our services include 3DM (IDM*+OEM+ODM) product services based on our special ingredients supply, product and formulation development, consultation and full service of new product line.
With BIONIN Group's services you can be sure to receive one-of-a-kind products for your business.

*IDM: Innovative Design Manufacturing, supply to create, design and full service for you.


Patent Raw Material R&D

For probiotics, it is very important with manufacturing and research. When you choose us as your probiotics manufacturer, our patented raw materials and core technology, can help you in any probiotics-related products.


Unique Fermentation Technology

With a number of inventions and process technologies, we use natural zymolytic elements combined with natural nutrient sources, and transforms them into various special functional raw materials through patented processes, which can not only improve the activity and utilization of raw materials, but also enhance the uniqueness of products.


Safe & Hygienic Production Environment

Our plant operates under current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) procedures and conforms to both local and international regulatory authorities and national compliance agencies.
It contains an international standard R&D laboratory, TAF inspection laboratory certification, P2 laboratory, 100,000-class dust-free work area and microbial inspection equipment. We also have obtained ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP, and ISO 22716 certification to ensure product safety.

Professional Probiotics Manufacturer

All the probiotics formulation is what we can do. From sourcing each ingredient in a recipe, to post-pack inspection, we do it all with the best prices and fastest delivery times. Bionin’s extensive experience helps you formulate new products for your target audience, or discusses with you how to properly scale up your production. As your partner, our job is to ensure the long-term good probiotic manufacturing for your success.

Probiotic Manufacturing


The manufacturing and research of probiotics can be very important and useful, so it is significant to understand their health benefits. When you choose us as your probiotics manufacturer, our patented raw materials and core technology, can help you in any probiotics-related products.


help digestion

Probiotics are often thought to help with many different digestive issues, and a healthy gut may help treat and prevent many diseases.


health maintenance

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about probiotics is that there are so many problems they can help treat, but there are many more problems that may be treated in the future. Our lab is constantly testing and discovering new strains and their capabilities. With this ongoing change, we may discover new strains that may help large numbers of people.

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Brand promise and advantages

1. We do not do inaccurate testing
2. We don't say unrealistic suggestions
3. We do not use unprofessional personnel
4. We will not survive the health that cannot be protected
5. Have more than 15 years experience in P2 laboratory